Google Sees 10 Per Cent More Downloads but 130 Per Cent Less Revenue

App Annie’s market index, which keeps investors informed of potential growth areas in the industry, has revealed that market-leader Android continues to deliver the greatest number of downloads – outpacing iOS by 10 per cent in Q2 – but the App Store generates 130 per cent more revenue.

Games accounted for 80 per cent of revenues in Google Play, compared to 75 per cent on iOS. Communication and social round out the top three revenue drivers on Google Play, with social and music driving iOS.

The US delivers the most downloads in both Google Play and the App Store. Along with China, this was 40 per cent of total iOS App Store downloads in Q2 2013. While the US also contributes the greatest revenues on iOS, Japan delivers the most revenue in Google Play. Japan, South Korea and the US account for 70 per cent of total Google Play revenue. 

Russia has climbed six spots in the iOS App Store download rankings since Q2 2012 – three in the last quarter alone – now breaking into the top 5. Russia is the only other country besides the US in the top five countries by downloads for both the iOS App Store and Google Play. However, App Annie points out, three of Russia’s top mobile operators have decided to stop selling the iPhone, presenting problems for its position here.