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Google 'Served' and 'Viewable' Ad Metrics Suspended by MRC

Alex Spencer

Google Switzerland
The MRC (Media Rating Council) has suspended its accreditation of two of Google's ad metrics.

As of this month, the MRC will not recognise DoubleClick for Publisher's 'served impressions' on the mobile web and 'active view' viewability metrics on desktop.

The metrics' MRC accreditation hasn't been fully revoked, but will remain suspended 'pending resolution of non-compliance issues related to display served impression counts'.

The cause of the suspension, according to Business Insider, is related to a technicality in the April update to the MRC's guidelines, and it's a problem that Google hopes to have resolved "by the end of the year".

The decision doesn't cover DoubleClick for Publisher's 'viewable impression' count - or its desktop video viewability metrics, which were granted accreditation just a month earlier.

This follows last month's news that Facebook was artificially inflating its average viewing time measurement for video ads and, just yesterday, a report showing that the 'n day' app retention metric may actually be under-estimated by a factor of three. As mobile advertising reaches maturity, it's high time the industry turned a closer eye to the accuracy of its metrics.