Google Signs Agreement with ETECSA to Improve Cuban Internet Access

Cuba Coffee MugGoogle has signed an agreement with ETECSA, a government owned Cuban telecommunications company, to grant Cuban internet users faster access to Google’s branded content like Gmail and YouTube.

Through deployment of the Google Global Cache service, the tech giants hope to help improve the online experience of Cubans using Google products.

On a Google blog post, it said: “This deal allows ETECSA to use our technology to reduce latency by caching some of our most popular high-bandwidth content like YouTube videos at a local level.

“This in turn means Cubans who already have access to the internet and want to use our services can expect an improvement in terms of quality of service and reduced latency for cached content.”

Google first launched its branded products in Cuba in 2014, before following it up just a few months ago by making free extensions and themes available to Cuban users in the Chrome Web Store.

President Obama has made the expansion internet access in Cuba a central part of his efforts to improve relations between the Caribbean island and the US – describing the internet at “one of the greatest engines of growth in human history.”