Google Tests Listen Now Music Ads with Spotify, Beats and More

beatlesGoogle has begun testing Listen Now ads for search results, incorporating tracks from Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody and Apples Beats Music service.

Searching for the name of a musical artist, from The Beatles to One Direction to Beethoven, will bring up a series of music offerings from different music services, grouped together under a Listen Now label, with accompanying prices.

The ads will appear on both desktop and mobile searches. While similar ads were already available to music services, the grouping, display and labeling are new innovations.

“Were happy to help users quickly find legitimate sources for their favourite movies, music and more via Google search,” said a Google spokesman speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

The new ad format is the latest in a string of moves Google has made that simplifies the step from searching to purchasing for consumers. Watch Now ads for films and TV shows were spotted in February, advertising services like Google Play and Amazon Watch Instant.