Google to End AdMob Support for Mobile Web Ads

Google is to discontinue support for ads on mobile websites via its AdMob platfiorm from 30 September.  Since Google’s acquisition of AdMob, it has operated parallel products for mobile web publishers on both its AdSense and AdMob platforms. Now, the company says it will focus its efforts on the AdSense platform going forward. 

In an email sent to all its mobile web publisher clients, Google writes:

“All publishers who are currently using AdMobs WAP mobile web solution are asked to register for an AdSense account and begin using the Google AdSense for mobile content. This change enables Google to offer our mobile web publishers an industry leading content monetization solution with access to advertisers interested in reaching your mobile audience.”

Google has also published a blog post, the title of which could not be more explicit. The post, titled ‘AdMob is for mobile app developers. AdSense is for mobile web publishers’ makes it clear that Google sees AdSense as its mobile web monetisation tool, with AdMob performing a similar function for mobile apps.

In the post, Clay Bavor, Google’s product management director, mobile ads, describes AdMob as: “our primary, specialized solution for app developers”, and goes on to say: “If youre an app developer, AdMob is your solution for monetizing, measuring, and promoting your mobile apps. If youre a mobile web publisher, AdSense can help you monetize your mobile web content”.