Google Turns off Wallets NFC for Loyalty

Google is working on a new way for its Wallet users to redeem gift and loyalty cards after deciding to switch-off NFC redemption on 21 August.

Users needed an NFC-enabled device in order to redeem gift cards them at participating stores, which also had to accept contactless transactions, initially through Mastercard Paypass terminals. It had been envisaged that all of your retail loyalty points would be kept here, and added to when you paid with Google Wallet. People with points left on Google Wallet have been urged to spend up if they dont still have the plastic version of the card.

Google Wallet users will still be able to pay for things using a range of HTC, LG and Samsung handsets in the US, although some devices are also limited by the carrier. It is not clear why the company has chosen to limit NFC for one aspect of the wallet, news which was uncovered by Engadget, but an announcement should be on the way.

Yesterday PayPal launched a pilot mobile payments programme in London, which uses an image of your face as authentification for transactions.