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Google unveils About this ad and Ads Transparency Spotlight Chrome extension

David Murphy

Google is rolling out an addition to its ‘Why this ad?’ feature, which enables web users to get more information on some of the factors that were used to target them with the ad, and to choose to stop seeing the ad.

Google said there are over 15m user interactions with the feature each day, and added that over the next few months, it will add another option called ‘About this ad’. This will also show users the verified name of the advertiser behind each ad. About this ad will initially be available for display ads bought through Google Ads and Display & Video 360, and will come to other “surfaces” as Google calls them, during 2021.

Google is also releasing a Chrome extension called Ads Transparency Spotlight, while will provide people with detailed information about all the ads they see on the web, whether served by Google or not.

In a blog post announcing the features, Mike Schulman, VP, Ads Privacy and Safety at Google said: “Our hope is that other technology providers will build similar transparency and control capabilities into the experiences they offer as well.”