Google Forming Virtual Reality Division

Alex Spencer

Google CardboardGoogle is forming a dedicated Virtual Reality division, as it looks to build on the launch of its Cardboard viewer.

The division will be headed up by Clay Bavor – formerly VP for product management, in charge of Google apps like Docs and Gmail, but also involved in the development of the Cardboard – in his new role as VP, Virtual Reality. His previous responsibilities will shift to incoming head of cloud business Diane Greene, who Google hired last November as part of its Bebop acquisition.

The formation of this division suggests Google is gearing up to take the next step from the entry-level Cardboard and into fully-fledged VR. It's probably a safe bet that this will involve Magic Leap, which Google has invested heavily in, but the startup's technology is still largely under wraps and still looks to be years away from a consumer launch. Whether this new division means Google will be working on its own technology in the meantime remains to be seen.