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Google's Next VR Headset on the Way

Alex Spencer

Google CardboardGoogle is reportedly working on a new VR headset, expanding on its existing – and rather basic – Cardboard product.

According to The Financial Times, the headset will still be dependent on a slotted-in smartphone for the actual processing, but will upgrade from cardboard to a plastic casing with improved sensors and lenses – similar to Samsung's Gear VR, but with support for a much wider range of handsets.

The product is likely to be revealed officially at Google's I/O developer conference in May, with a reported release date of around September. There's no word on pricing yet, but the Financial Times suggests it could fill a similar niche to Google's cut-price Nexus smartphones.

The headset is part of a ongoing push into VR by Google. As well as the release of Cardboard and its major investment in AR/VR firm Magic Leap, the company last month revealed it was forming a dedicated Virtual Reality division led by Clay Bavor, formerly in charge of core Google apps like Docs and Gmail.