Google launches video shopping app

The latest project out of Google’s lab for experimental projects, Area 120, is a video shopping platform which enables users to discover, review, and buy products all in one place.

On the Shoploop platform, all videos are shorter than 90 seconds, providing a way for users to quickly review products and help out those who may be interested in possibly buying certain items.

Once a user sees a product they like the look of, they can either save it to purchase later or click straight through to the seller’s website. Users can also follow their favourite creators and share videos on external apps.

Initially, Google is giving posting powers to content creators, publishers, and online store owners in the beauty industry. The platform is currently only optimised for mobile, but Google says it is working to bring Shoploop to desktop users ‘soon’.

Shoploop is the brainchild of Lax Poojary, who previously worked at Area 120 on travel planning platform Touring Bird.