Googles Pony Express Will let you pay Bills via Gmail

Google Logo IRLGoogle is reportedly working on a project that will enable Gmail users to pay utility and telecom bills within their mailbox, without the need to access companies websites to complete the payment.

According to Re/code, the new service is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2015, and is currently using Pony Express as a name, although its not clear if this is what the service will be called when it comes to market, or simply an internal codename.

The system will supposedly streamline the way users receive bills into their Gmail inbox as well as enabling them to be paid within Googles ecosystem, and would also provide Google with a new source of financial information that it could access for ad targeting.

Google is set to partner with third-party vendors that are responsible for printing and mailing out bills on behalf of telecoms and utility firms as part of its preparations for the project, which may also involve partnerships directly with the service providers.

While Google would not be the first company that has attempted to create a centralised bill-paying service, combining the system with its Google Wallet ecosystem and the huge reach of Gmail may see it succeed where others have failed.