Googles Smart Campaigns get UK rollout to help small businesses build ads

Googles Smart Campaigns feature, designed to help small businesses create ads suited to specific campaign goals, is being rolled out to UK brands after a successful launch in the US.

Part of the search giants rebraded Google Ads tech stack, Smart Campaigns aims to give SMEs the ability to buy ads without the need for an agency or in-house marketing expertise. Users can select specific goals like driving footfall or increasing sales, and the automated tool creates relevant ads by pulling information from the companys website and Google Business listing, as well as generating suitable keywords, bids and ad placements.

Early tests by Google have found that ads created using Smart Campaigns are around three times more effective in delivering ads to the correct audiences than the companys previous products for this segment of the market, and even novice marketers are able to create ads within minutes.

The feature even works for businesses that dont already have websites, creating and hosting auto-generated and optimised landing pages that match the ad creative and have reporting built in.

“We built Smart Campaigns by tailoring the innovation and advertising technology available with Google Ads for small business owners,” said Kim Spalding, general manager for ads for small business and emerging markets at Google. “You can now create ads in minutes and drive real results – like making your phone ring, sending leads to your website, or bringing customers to your store.”

The UK is the second market the feature is being introduced into, with plans for a global rollout by the end of the year.