Googles UK PPC Mobile Search Traffic is Twice Bings Total Traffic

Latitude Digital Marketing has released its 2010 Mobile Search Report, which highlights the rapid growth of mobile search in 2010 and the impact it is having on the industry. The report reveals that Google’s mobile PPC traffic is now twice as large as Bing’s entire UK PPC on mobile and the web. Mobile search volumes increased by a massive 350 per cent in 2010.

Christmas 2010 saw smartphones become the preferred way to compare prices online, with 52 per cent of users choosing to do so. 26 December was the busiest day of the year for the mobile internet, with some UK retailers seeing a 100 per cent increase in mobile internet-related queries. While the iPhone is still the most significant contributor to mobile search traffic, Android grew by 107 per cent in 2010, compared to iPhone’s modest 17 per cent growth. 

“User adoption of mobile search is exceeding advertiser’s adoption of the channel, giving those targeting mobile a cost advantage,” says Latitude CEO, Alex Hoye. “While Apple’s browsing devices continue to be the top mobile contributors, the growth of Android phones in the last two quarters outstrips the i-products and broadens the user base.”