Gorillas launches new creative platform with global multimedia ad campaign

Instant grocery delivery service Gorillas has launched a new creative platform and strategic positioning for the brand, created by The Or.

It kicks off with a global, multimedia ad campaign that argues that supermarkets steal our precious time, and explores the other things people would rather be doing than the food shop. The video execution shows in humorous ways how consumers can spend their time instead of going to the supermarket, including self-care; caring for others; and going viral. The voiceover ends by stating, “We deliver groceries, so you can do whatever.”

A 30-second execution will run on VOD, digital and social. It will also run on OOH and DOOH on 48-sheets and six-sheets. One poster, picturing a couple having fun in bed says: “We deliver groceries, so you can do whatever” then explains: “More time in the sheets. Less time in the shops.”

“We are not like other instant delivery services so our comms need to feel different too,” said Angharad Probert, VP of Brand at Gorillas. “And we know that The Or are all about doing things differently, which is why it was a perfect fit from day one. At Gorillas, we position ourselves as being the on-demand service that shifts the focus from better shopping to better living. It was important for us to create a campaign that cuts through the noise and talks about the real and highly relatable emotional benefits you gain from using our service. We could have easily created a campaign like our competitors and just shout about speed and convenience but there is more depth to us as a brand and what we stand for. The Or has recognised this brilliantly by helping us create a campaign that will reframe how our customers see us – not just as a brand who does their grocery shopping for them, but more importantly a brand who can give them some much-needed time back.”