GoSpoken Launches on Ovi

Mobcast Services, the company behind the GoSpoken.com brand, is celebrating its launch on the Ovi store by giving away free the first lesson of Basic Spanish and French Lesson I Pimsleur language audiobook. Nokia users can also buy and download the next lessons of French I lessons 1 to 5 from the Applications category on the Ovi store. The Pimsleur courses have been developed over the past 40 years, and are used by the FBI, the CIA, and business professionals around the world.
Mobcast plans to offer Nokia customers 20 different languages from the Pimsleur series, and make bestselling authors and latest releases available on the Ovi store in the coming months. Local book content will also go live soon as Mobcast expands its book catalogue by partnering with European publishers.  
Audio books and especially language learning guides are perfect for mobile, says Mobcast Business Development Manager, Gwen Delhumeau. We hope these high-grade products will help the 55 million Nokia OVI store users around the world add a little extra to their social and professional life. 
All content published by GoSpoken on the Nokia Ovi store is accessible here.