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Grab links up with Cargo to let passengers buy in-car snacks

Tyrone Stewart

Grab&Go Grab CargoRide hailing firm Grab has teamed up with Cargo, a rideshare commerce provider, to enable drivers to earn additional income by offering in-car commerce options to passengers.

With Grab&Go, passengers in Singapore will be able to choose from products like snacks, beverages, and beauty items in Cargo-equipped Grab rides to complement their in-car experience.

“At Grab, we are always thinking about ways to better serve our customers,” said Nash Islam, head of regional advertising at Grab. “We’re excited to partner with Cargo to deliver more value to our passengers, while increasing the number of income streams available to our driver-partners. It’s a win-win for both drivers and passengers, and we are looking forward to bringing this experience to all our customers in Southeast Asia.”

In order to access these products, passengers have to visit www.grabgo.sg on their smartphones, select the products they want to purchase, enter a unique five-digit code that is present in the car, and the additional cost is then added to their final fare. Drivers will hand over the products to passengers once the vehicle has safely stopped.

So far, Grab&Go has partnered with Kellogg’s, Biore UV, Novu, and Unilever’s Lux Luminique to provide passengers with products. According to Grab and Cargo, drivers can expect to earn an amount of between SGD75 and SGD250 (£42 to £140) each month, while improving their ratings with passengers.

Cargo’s expansion into Singapore with Grab marks the first international market it has arrived in – following its introductions in the US markets of New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Dallas. It is planned that Grab&Go will also be launched in other Southeast Asian markets.

“As we grew, validated Cargo's model in the US and raised additional capital, we worked hard with Grab to create a viable international expansion model,” said Cargo founder Jeff Cripe. “Through co-branded licensing deals with global rideshare leaders like Grab, we will help drivers earn more, create a new distribution channel for brands, and develop the next generation of passenger experience worldwide.”