Grabyo Study Shows Socials Power in Promoting TV Content

Grabyo Twitter Amplify 2Individual, near-live TV clips on Twitter and Facebook are generating more than 150,000 views on social media in the UK, with 72 per cent of plays happening on mobile devices. 46 per cent of video clip plays occur within 20 minutes.

The stats come from real-time video specialist, Grabyo, following a series of projects with major broadcasters and content rights holders. Grabyo analysed more than 2,500 clips of live TV, distributed in real-time across Twitter and Facebook.

Broadcasters including BSkyB, Channel 5 and Setanta Sports are using Grabyo’s platform to distribute live TV clips, complete with pre-roll and post-roll ads, to millions of viewers in real-time, through multiple social media channels and with seamless video play-out on any device.

Grabyo says the figures highlight the significant opportunity presented by real-time video and explains the growing momentum behind Twitter Amplify, as brands look to connect with consumers around live events and via mobile devices.

Twitter Amplify enables brands to directly associate their brand and campaign message with premium TV content using a range of digital media assets, including pre-roll and post-roll videos, display banners and branded galleries, combined with real-time video clips.

For example, a third-party brand such as an insurance firm could sponsor a video clip from a football or basketball match, with a pre- or post-roll video ad, and a ‘brought to you by’ tagline.

“Everything we’re seeing on our platform suggests short-form live video is a highly compelling format for broadcasters, rights holders and brands, and most importantly, for consumers,” said Grabyo CEO, Gareth Capon. “Traffic on the platform regularly spikes to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and many thousands of clip plays in just a few seconds after the content is shared. It is also generating a staggering volume of video consumption on mobile.”

Nick Adams, head of digital development at media agency, Mindshare, described the ability to share live TV clips in real time across social networks as “a highly significant technological advancement which many brands are looking at”. He added: “Of course, it is important to navigate the complex rights landscape around broadcast content and social but, with the right agreements in place and the right paid-social media lined up, it is possible to achieve both scale and engagement.”