Graffity launches GrooveWave and SushiCraft AR games

Tokyo-based augmented reality (AR) entertainment company, Graffity, has launched two AR games using AR glasses, GrooveWave and SushiCraft in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and AR glasses startup Nreal.

AR rhythm game Groove Wave utilizes Nreal Light AR glasses developed by Nreal. SushiCraft, an AR sushi-making game, uses Snapdragon Spaces Developer Platform, and Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 glasses. Additionally, Graffity has joined the Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder program to leverage Snapdragon Spaces technology and bring new ideas to life in AR.

Groove Wave is a rhythm game fighting against enemies on the battlefield. By analyzing sound signs that every enemy will show before they attack, players can predict their attack. Every attack type has its own unique sound sign, memorizing them all is the only way to dodge the enemy attack. To dodge all attacks and get an attack chance, players need to move around the entire room. Use the battlefield dynamically.

SushiCraft is an AR sushi-making game where you players compete to make the best sushi using hand tracking to add sushi ingredients and rice. Various themes, such as salmon and sea urchin, are presented, and players are given time to make the corresponding sushi. Players earn points based on the number of completed sushi they make.

Graffity was founded in 2017 and released the worlds first AR multiplayer shooting game, Pechabato in Japan, which achieved 230,000 downloads organically, and the worlds second multiplayer shooting game, Leap Trigger, globally.