Greystripe Delivers 28 Free Mobile Games

US mobile advertising network Greystripe has signed a deal with German games publisher Handy Games to distribute 28 of its titles to consumers via mobile, free of charge. The HandyGames portfolio will be wrapped with ads, bringing more free mobile games to consumers worldwide, and producing new ad-generated revenue for the developer. Titles include Jan Michaelis Snowboarding;  Flowboarding; Apache Warrior; Space Guerillas; and Atlantis 2097.
The games will be supported using Greystripes AdWRAP For Publishers (AFP), an automated online service that connects Greystripes advertising network to any mobile game. AFP was launched in May, and Greystripe says that since then, game developers seeking an ad-based revenue stream, and advertisers keen to tap into the mobile medium, have been quick to sign up.
AdWRAP network advertisers include Zagat Survey, Modtones and GPShopper, which were among the first to join the network at its launch during the E3 gaming industry trade show earlier this year.
AdWRAP is designed to be a turnkey advertising network, blending the best of mobile marketing, viral promotion and advergaming. Using patent-pending technology, it provides advertisers with unique targeting, while at the same time subsidising free games for consumers with non-intrusive, opt-in advertising. 
With the overall in-game advertising market predicted to grow more than ten-fold in the next five years, AdWRAP is built for scalability. AdWRAP offers full-screen in-game ads, video formats, and the ability to target consumers who are more likely to respond to promotions in their free time. According to M:Metrics, in 2005, there were approximately 55 million mobile game players in the US alone. The Yankee Group predicts that mobile advertising revenues will rise to $732 million (393 million) by 2010, up from $56 million (30 million) in 2005.
HandyGames sees our ad-supported model as the way to make mobile games profitable, and we think the AdWRAP network will increase consumer access and excitement about playing mobile games, says Greystripe CEO, Michael Chang. People who are still new to playing games on their phones will be more willing to experiment with free games, rather than risk disappointment with a $3 (1.60) to $12 download.
Theres more information about the games at the HandyGames website.