Greystripe Launches Ad Boosters

Mobile ad network Greystripe has launched its Ad Boosters ad units. The firm says they are designed to makes advertising more relevant, contextual and valuable to consumers. 

Greystripe has developed two types of Ad Boosters: industry-focused units and social units. With its industry-focused ad boosters, Greystripe says it is the first company to introduce mobile ad formats focused on a specific, targeted vertical. Verticals include Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods; Automotive; Travel; Technology; Health; and Restaurants. These customizable boosters allow advertisers to direct users to specific actions related to the advertiser’s need. The retail booster, for example, includes a ‘Find Store’ button, a ‘Coupon’ button and a ‘Buy Now’ button. 

Social Boosters allow marketers to enhance the impact of mobile advertising with engaging social connections to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Other click-to-action buttons include Go to Mobile Website; Deals/Daily Deals; Video; Recommend; Download; and Call.

“Today’s consumer engages through mobile and social channels. Our Ad Boosters deliver a tailored brand experience for consumers on their mobile devices, bringing them closer to the products and services they love,” says Dane Holewinski, Greystripe’s director of marketing. “For advertisers, Ad Boosters drive greater brand lift and higher post-click value by providing users with choices in how they engage with a brand.”

In addition to the Booster Buttons, the Ad Booster units provide an additional branded image to make full use of the smartphone screen. The 300×100 image, typically a logo, at the top of the screen allows the advertiser to reinforce the brand, and allows the 300×250 core ad unit to focus on key campaign messaging.
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