Greystripe Makes In-game Ads Easy

Mobile in-game advertising network Greystripe,  creator of,  the worlds largest free, ad-supported mobile game portal has unveiled its AdWRAP Marketplace portal. AdWRAP Marketplace is a bid-based, self-service ad purchasing tool, available worldwide, that enables advertisers to place full screen ads into mobile games.
AdWRAP Marketplace provides worldwide targeting, real-time reporting, and streamlined ad creation, says Greystripe. Advertisers can now create and manage their own campaigns with easy-to-use wizards that support multiple ad formats, with innovative click features and geographic targeting. Claiming a first for the mobile industry, Gamestripe says this is a quick and easy way to launch mobile in-game ad campaigns. 
The AdWRAP Marketplace interface provides a simple step-by-step process that
enables advertisers to launch mobile in-game ad campaigns within minutes. First, go to the Greystripe website  and click Buy Now to sign up as a new advertiser. Next, create your ad and select a campaign type. Choose from Branding, which delivers a full-screen, graphical brand message; Click-to-Browse, which delivers a full-screen brand message with clickthrough to the advertisers mobile web portal; Click-to-Call, which offers the same, but with clickthrough to call the advertisers call centre; and Click-to-Jump, which offers a full-screen brand message with an integrated user survey. After selecting the campaign type, set your CPM bid and optional geographic targeting. Then upload your ad creative, preview and launch the campaign, with funding via PayPal or credit card.
We have created an easy-to-use interface for advertisers to purchase ads and reach Greystripes worldwide mobile audience of gamers, says Greystripe Director of Product Management, Jim Durrell. The AdWRAP Marketplaces full screen ad format is compelling because it delivers a high impact brand message to the mobile consumer. Its like having a huge billboard in front of gamers delivered through a media channel that is inherently opt-in, because gamers are getting the games for free.