Greystripe Releases Mobile Gamer Stats

Ad-funded mobile games company Greystripe has released details of a research study into the demographics and preferences of mobile game-players. The data for the Greystripe Consumer Insights Report was gathered from Gamestripes ad-funded mobile games and applications portal between 15 February and 15 May. Data also came from the companys AdWRAP Catalogue Partners, and from independent studies conducted by research firms, Dynamic Logic and Insight Express.
The statistics show that 68% of GameJumps US users are aged between 18 and 34. Internationally, this figure rises to 75%. Users access the mobile web frequently, with 72% going online on their mobile more than once each day. The most popular entertainment activities users engage in online on their mobile are researching theatre and movie times (35%); watching movie trailers (29%); and visiting movie mobile sites (26%). 
Users play each game on average 1.9 times per day. Each game play is an average of 8.8 minutes long. Each game is played in total for an average of 66 minutes. And every day, the games distributed by Greystripe are played for 3,270,100 minutes by a total of 200,000 unique users.
When asked about the types of game they like to play on their mobile, the moist popular genre was Puzzle (21.4%), followed by Actiojn (13.3%) and Arcade (10.1%). The survey also revealed that the average clickthrough rate for Greystripe ads with a call to action is 10.1%.
The top three games and applications downloaded during the survey period, were Funky Monkey in Funky Monkeyland from handy Games; Rollercoaster Rush from Digital Chocolate; and Fun Runs ImHere Instant messaging application.