Greystripe Stats Reveal Mobile Gaming Potential

Greystripe, the mobile advertising and applications distribution platform, has released its October 2008 Consumer Insights Report. The report includes mobile gaming demographics, clickthrough rates and exclusive iPhone statistics, collected from Greystripes own user database. Greystripe says the results provide a meaningful insight into the advertising potential of mobile games.
With the addition of the iPhone to the market, the user demographic for mobile games is changing and the advertising industry therefore needs to keep up with an ever-growing user base of savvy mobile game players, the company notes. According to Greystripes results, iPhone game players prove to be part of a coveted demographic in the advertising world, with Greystripes iPhone games the most popular among the sought-after 18 – 34-year old age group, with 48% of users falling into that category. Additionally, this coveted demographic is well-educated and affluent, with 80% having attended college and 46% earning more than $78,000 (45,000) a year. Most importantly, these users are accessing the mobile web and playing games significantly more frequently than has previously been seen. 75% of iPhone game players access the mobile web at least once a day, while 66% use it more than once a day.
87% of game players on both feature phones and iPhones are involved in the purchasing decisions in their families, with 73% of these respondents using the mobile web at least once per day. With over 100 million games downloaded and a worldwide 9.1% clickthrough rate, Greystripes game players prove markedly engaged, the company says. 
Data such as Greystripes quarterly Consumer Insights Reports provides a much-needed look into the advertising opportunity within the mobile games and application vertical, says David Chamberlain, Principal Analyst at In-Stat. Metrics are the key to success in advertising and mobile is an area needing this sort of in-depth measurement.
Since Greystripe launched its ad-supported mobile games catalogue in 2006, over 100 million games have been downloaded. More insight into Greystripes consumers, including handset preference for game users; gender distribution; the top 20 downloaded games, and more can be found here.