Groupon Launches Snap App for Cash-back on Groceries

snap comboGroupon has launched an app in the US and Canada that enables users to receive cash back from grocery purchases.

The app launch follows Groupons acquisition of discount company SnapSaves, and utilises much of their technology.

Customers can check the app, Snap, to see which items are eligible, then purchase them as normal from their store of choice. Once they have shopped, the user takes a photograph of their receipt, and Groupon will identify which cash-back offers they have purchased. According to Groupon, around 25 to 30 products will be available under the offer at any one time.

After users have accrued $20 (£12.40) worth of savings through the app, Groupon sends them the cash as a check. Through the photos of receipts, Groupon can pass on analytic data on shopping habits to brands, who can then analyse consumer behaviour and tailor their promotions accordingly.