GTA Companion Apps Promote the Years Biggest Game Launch

Games publisher Rockstar has launched two free companion apps to support the release of Grand Theft Auto V on consoles.

GTA V: The Manual does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, bringing the printed instructions traditionally found inside the game box to an app, with over 100 pages of content ranging from the games controls to an interactive map.

GTA: iFruit is a slightly more unusual offering, combining integration with the games social features with two mini-games. The first enables users to customise a cars colours, components and number plates, and upload it into the game; while the second provides a virtual pet, which again feeds back into the core game.

Given that iFruit is such a clear parody of Apples brand, one which has made multiple appearance in the GTA games, its particularly interesting to note that not only is the app available on iOS, but exclusively so – for the time being, at least, with Android and Windows Phone releases are promised in the near future.