Gtext Media Launches in-SMS Ad Solution

UK firm Gtext Media has launched an SMS advertising service which pays consumers who agree to include ads in their text messages sent to family and friends.

Users download the app, which is available for iPhone and Android, with Blackberry and Nokia versions to follow. Once the user has registered, the app inserts ads into text messages they send. The sender is paid each time a recipient clicks on the ad for more information. The payout rate is 5p per click, redeemable once the total reaches £20. Advertisers can target campaigns based on demographic profiles and geography.

“The value of mobile as a marketing medium is well established, but until now, there has been no means for advertisers to engage directly with users during their most popular mobile pastime: texting. Gtext Media changes all that,” says the company’s CEO and founder, Aimes Bositampen, founder. “Gtext Media is perfect for any business that wishes to engage directly with consumers. It can keep them informed of new product launches, one-off events, offers or promotions, and provide general brand awareness. Ad-links can lead to anything from simple, quick value-messages to games and other interactive experiences that make click-through seem thoroughly worthwhile for the consumer.”

Bositampen adds that because the ads arrive as part of a conversation between two people who know each other, there is a certain degree of recommendation or endorsement involved.