Guardian Brings Election Results to the Notification Bar

Guardian Presidential Election
The Guardian has launched a live election results notification feature as part of its iOS and Android app.

Developed by the newspapers Mobile Innovation Lab, the service is actually composed of a single notification alert that will dynamically update with the latest data.

The alert will sit on the phones lock screen, displaying a round-up of electoral votes won, states called and a breakdown of the popular vote between the two candidates in real time.

If users expand the notification, they will be shown a data visualisation, and be presented with options to tap through to the Guardian live blog or a page of full results.

The service will be automatically offered to any US users with the app, or can be turned on manually in-app.

“This project is the latest installment in ongoing experimentation with notifications, part of the Mobile Innovation Lab’s mission to learn more about mobile storytelling,” reads the announcement of the feature. “After the experiment, we’ll send out a survey soliciting feedback on the experience.”