Guardian Offers Ad-free Option on Android and Adds Ads to iOS

The Guardian has restructured its app payment models on iOS and Android to give users on both platforms the option to pay to subscribe or use the apps for free but see ads.

iOS users, who previously had to pay 69p per month to use the app, can now choose an ad-supported, free option. Android users who have been keen to use the app ad-free now have the option to subscribe in the same way as iOS users. People who use the apps for free but also register their details with the Guardian have extra opportunities to comment on stories and save them to read later.

Premium subscribers on both platforms have access to a greater variety of content, including exclusive image galleries on iOS and crosswords for Android users, which can be completed offline. The publisher promises more content on both platforms for paying subscribers in the future.

Print+ subscribers get access to the premium apps as part of their package.