Gumtree Updates App with Responsive Design

image001UK classifieds website Gumtree has updated its Android app to include responsive design, offering an improved use of space and layout for users, regardless of their screen size.

The app, which was featured in the Google Play Stores Best 15 Apps of 2013, has been updated to enable users to customise how their searched ad results display, prioritising elements such as item details, description, length of time on the site or simply images.

Other features that have been optimised in the new version include a gallery view mode for search results and split screen browsing of search results using tablets.

“Tablet users value a simple and seamless experience when they are using their apps,” said Polly Howden, mobile product manager at Gumtree. “With over 2.4m downloads of our Android app, weve focused on improving the look and feel of our apps as well as empowering the user to decide how they choose to see their searched ads.

“We have a heritage of being one of the best apps in the Google Play Store and well continue to listen to our customers and give them the features they want to have a successful customer experience at Gumtree.”