Gymbox launches paid search conquesting campaign

Gym chain, Gymbox, has launched a paid search conquesting campaign, targeting consumers using Google search to find a gym. The brand is hijacking ads with specific copy related to each competitor gym being searched for. And traditional gyms are not the only ones in its sights as it also targets the online fitness platform Classpass. Its response to anyone searching for Classpass reads ‘Join Gymbox and you’ll never skip a class again’. And for those who want to join Virgin, the punchy response served up is ‘Gymbox: Perfect for first timers and seasonal sadists alike’.

“Who says signing up to a gym needs to be a chore?” said Gymbox Marketing Director, Rory McEntee. “We’re reminding anyone looking to join a gym that Gymbox is the place where you can have a bit of fun while working out. And if we can get a little smile at the expense of our competitors along the way then what’s the harm? Let’s face it, PPC can be a bit bland and all about performance marketing. As ‘The Antidote to Boring Gyms’, we do things differently so thought we would shake things up a bit.”