GyPSii and Telmap Partner for Location-based Social Networking

GyPSii, which describes itself as a mobile digital lifestyle application and geo-mobility social media platform, and Telmap, the mobile search, mapping and navigation firm, have announced a partnership to develop advanced location-based social networking as part of Telmaps Mobile Location Companion solution. 
As part of the agreement, Telmap will introduce social networking and user-generated content to the Telmap5 Mobile Location Companion, using GyPSiis Open API, OpenExperience. Telmap5 will offer users access to all their networks of friends across social networks including Facebook and Twitter. The companies say that the integration with GyPSiis Open API will empower Telmap5 mobile users to connect the real world with the digital world, accessing and contributing location-aware content; sharing locations; reading and posting recommendations, videos and pictures; finding friends, events, and places; geo-blogging, and more.
They add that the new Telmap5 offers mobile operators an opportunity to introduce a richer location-enabled solution to their subscribers, arguing that a single app combining key social media, navigation, search, and mapping features provides a compelling experience for users. 
GyPSiis OpenExperience Open API offers Telmap transparent integration of its patented technologies in mobile user-generated content creation, friend-finding and a robust suite of development toolkits that support rapid development, fast-track product enhancements, and easy app localization.  OpenExperience also delivers a contextual advertising solution for ultra-targeted commercial messages, including advertisements and coupons with a high value to the end user.
The Telmap-GyPSii enabled offering is fully supportive of peoples desire to explore their surroundings and interact with friends around them not only while at home, but also while on-the-go, says Telmap CEO, Oren Nissim. GyPSii and Telmap share a vision to offer operators the ultimate location companion they need in order to maintain their subscribers loyalty through an excellent solution and a superior user experience, and we are sure that this new cooperation will open up additional opportunities for operators to achieve just that.