Hailo Launches Mobile Payments for Black Cabs

hailo pay appLondons 22,500 black cabs will accept mobile payments from today onwards with the launch of a mobile payment service from taxi app Hailo, bringing a safe and secure mobile payment gateway to many cab drivers who have felt undercut by services like Uber and Ride.

HailoPay is a completely free service for both passengers and drivers, meaning that travellers can easily pay for journeys via their smartphone using a registered credit card, and drivers are provided with a quick, simple payment solution without the need to install expensive card readers.

The service doesnt require passengers to have the Hailo app, instead enabling them to enter their card details into a secure site, along with the drivers badge number, confirm the cost of the journey and pay. This means that there is no need to hand over a card or mobile device, ensuring the passenger has peace of mind about using the solution. The system also enables passengers to split fares, and pay part cash and part on mobile.

“The taxi industry is far from a cash-only, technophobic trade,”  said Andrew Pinnington, CEO of Hailo. “In the past four years, the Hailo app has facilitated mobile and card payments for almost 9m journeys in London, and now, through HailoPay, all London black cabs have the ability to accept mobile payments for passengers hailing off the street.

“HailoPay is the latest innovation weve introduced to the taxi sector to create a service that is quick, simple and most importantly secure for both passenger and driver. Were offering this service at absolutely no cost to passengers and drivers, as part of Hailos commitment to create a world class taxi service for London the is 100 per cent safe, reliable and accessible.”