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Half of 18-34-year-olds are Mobile Shoppers

Kirsty Styles

55 per cent of 18-34-year-olds use their mobile to compare prices in store at least once a week, with 33 per cent doing so 1-3 times, 14 per cent 3-6 times and 8 per cent 6 or more.

The survey by RadiumOne, a social ad platform, found that 54 per cent have made a purchase on mobile in the last six months. Of those, 32 per cent made 1-3 purchases, 14 per cent made 3-6 and 9 per cent made 6 or more. 50 per cent use their smartphone to share offers with friends.

47 per cent have clicked on a mobile ad in the last three months, although 41 per cent said their mobile purchases are based solely on recommendations from friends and family, while 38 per cent are influenced by sales-based content.

"The results of our survey shed light into how brands can better communicate and interact with one of the most mobile and influential consumer groups of our time," said Kamal Kaur, vice president of mobile and display at RadiumOne.

"Social sharing across trusted connections and viral buzz via smartphones and tablets are extremely influential to the Gen-C population, requiring new rules of engagement between brands and this highly sought after demographic."
Also revealed in the Generation C (connected) survery was that 39 per cent of respondents view 1-5 videos every day on their smartphone, while 9 per cent watch more than 5.

37 per cent use a smartphone and 19 per cent used a tablet device while watching TV.