Half of Apps Use Third-Party Components, Says Chupamobile

50 per cent of developers use third-party components to help create their apps, according to a survey from app component marketplace Chupamobile, and another 30 per cent plan to in future projects.

80 per cent of developers havent made available any of their own components yet, but 70 per cent see it as an opportunity, and plan to market their own components to third parties in future.

“The survey clearly shows that all developers have a very positive attitude toward the new model of building apps integrating external components, instead of reinventing the wheel,” says Paolo De Santis, Chupamobile co-founder and VP operations and business development. “It also shows that there is a clear issue with trust and quality, which we are addressing and focusing on with the Chupamobile platform.”

Most developers create apps for more than one platform – not a huge surprise, nor is the fact that iOS and Android together account for over 50 per cent of the responses. Coming in third place was HTML5, at 16 per cent, followed by Windows Mobile, at nine per cent.