Handmark Launches TweetCaster for Android

David Murphy

Mobile applications and services developer Handmark has released TweetCaster, a feature-rich Twitter application available for Android phones.
TweetCaster is designed to make tweeting from Android-based Smartphones fast, easy, and fun. In addition to standard features, TweetCaster also offers multiple Twitter account support; integrated retweets and Twitter lists; offline tweet caching; push notifications for tweets, mentions and direct messages; URL shortening and previews; photo attachment; and threaded direct messages
Handmark continues to enhance the mobile experience for customers around the world with the best connected applications, says Handmark EVP of Marketing, Evan Conway. TweetCaster delivers a fantastic experience for Twitter users looking to fully extend their experience to their Android Smartphone.
A free, ad-supported version of TweetCaster is available here in exchange for a tweet about the application. TweetCaster Pro, a premium version of the application without ads, is also available for $4.99 (3.13) in Android Market. For customers who download the free version of TweetCaster and wish to upgrade to TweetCaster Pro, an Upgrade Key will also be available in Android Market.