Handpick App Aims to Make Mobile Shopping Easier

HandpickShopping for clothes online, given that you can’t try before you buy, is something of a hit and miss affair, which is why somewhere between a quarter and a half of clothes ordered online are sent back.

Handpick, a newly-released app, aims to solve the problem by enabling shoppers to search for clothes using real-world English, rather than just the phrases listed in the databases of retailers’ websites.

The app suggests clothes based on the same way you would choose the outfit yourself – considering both the event and atmosphere. When looking for a dress for a night out, for example, you can narrow down the results by mood by searching for terms such as classy, elegant or alternative.

Handpick calls the process “aesthetic searching” and says that in trials, 75 per cent of shoppers said they were more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. The tech also learns from the user’s search history, enabling it to deliver smarter results the more it’s used.

“I remember when my girlfriend wanted to buy a dress that was summery but not floral, and it was too difficult to find,” said Handpick founder, Joshua Mora. “With so much choice out there, the perfect item is always waiting, ultimately what’s missing is the means to find it. There’s definitely a gap in the market for something which understands what people actually want when they shop, and finds it.”