Hands-On Goes to the Bowls

Hands-On Mobile, which develops connected games and applications, has announced the launch of Pro Bowling 2, the sequel to its best-selling title, Pro Bowling. Pro Bowling 2, which has received a string of excellent reviews and accolades, features a raft of new improvements including more gameplay modes, improved graphics and physics and a host of new and updated features.
The game allows players to choose from and customise 18 diverse characters as they compete in tournaments of various difficulties and 12 special missions. The game is intended to cater for every level of experience by offering intuitive controls, an unrivalled tutorial mode, play guide and help options. Novice and experienced players alike also have the ability to create unique characters by allocating points to key abilities such as spin and power, choosing which ball they use and even setting the conditions of the lane they bowl on. More experienced players can raise their game through a deep tournament system, increasingly challenging opponents and the new ability to practice customised play scenarios through multiple training modes.
Bowling games are one of few games in the crowded sports genre that are regularly played by casual gamers, and in Pro Bowling 2 we are launching what is probably the best bowling game available, says Eric Hobson, President and General Manager EMEA for Hands-On Mobile. There are a number of other bowling games out there, but none of them offer the richness of options that ours does so there will be great demand for a fresh game, particularly one as feature-rich and playable as Pro Bowling 2.