Hands-On Promotes Indie Talent

Hands-On Mobile, which develops connected games and applications, has announced details of its Indie Developer Programme, which will recognise and promote the best independent developers of mobile games. Hands-On Mobile is gathering the cream of Europes developer talent at an event that will officially unveil the programme in November.
We want to offer independent developers the opportunity to bring their games to a global audience says Hands-On Mobile President and General Manager EMEA, Eric Hobson. Mobile distribution channels are hugely fragmented and pose a real problem to an independent developer, Hands On can solve that issue for them. There are some real undiscovered gems out there and we want to work with these elite developers to put their games in front of the worlds mobile phone users.
Tuna Snax is one independent developer that Hands-On Mobile has worked with to bring global success to one of its biggest games, Asteroid Zone. Through Hands-On Mobiles relationships and distribution network, Asteroid Zone has been taken by more than 100 carriers worldwide, including many tier one European carriers. The global reach that Hands-On Mobile has provided, the company says, means that mobile gamers are playing Asteroid Zone in Europe, North America, South East Asia and Australasia, as well as less frequently thought of markets such as India and Russia.
Hands-On Mobiles first Independent Developer Event will be held on November 15th at Hollins Hall in Bollington, Cheshire. For more information and to register you interest, email lhoward@handson.com