Hang w/ Plans to Monetise and Share Revenues with Video Creators

hang w  comboMEDL Mobile, the developer of the Hang w/ live social video platform, has revealed its plans to begin advertising on the network, with a view to sharing revenue with content creators who use the platform.

The Hang w/ platform enables users to broadcast live streaming video via a mobile device to followers, either within the app or via Facebook or the web. Viewers of live broadcasts can interact with content creators and each other during broadcasts, enabling brands and celebrities to reach high levels of engagement with followers.

Once advertising is introduced in November, the platform will deliver a short video ad prior to each broadcast, and a rich media ad unit afterwards. 25 per cent of the net advertising revenue generated by each broadcaster will be paid back to them, while additional monetisation platforms including pay-per-view and subscription based following, which will also share revenue with creators, are in development.

“This has been our vision since day one,” said Andrew Maltin, CEO of Hang w/. “Hang w/ was built on the premise that content creators should be paid for their efforts. The creators and the content have continued to improve and now is the time to catapult Hang w/ to the next level by enabling those creators to generate income.”

The platform has attracted a wide variety of brands and celebrities to act as content creators, including 50 Cent, Jared Leto, the Brooklyn Nets and Ultimate Poker. Record producer Timbaland, who broadcasts on the platform and was an early investor, said: “I believe the real money is going to be earned not just by the household names, but by these kids who are living the life of an artist, and sharing it live. Hang w/ is the future. I watch the kids broadcasting on this app and I can see whos next.”