Harnessing the Power of Nomophobia

We’re at the MMA Forum in London today. Just had a great presentation from Jude Brooks from Coca-Cola, who opened up by saying: “Mobile marketing has fundamentally changed the way we connect and communicate with consumers.” She then explained how the brand is using mobile, with an unashamed focus on SMS, because this is how Coca-Cola’s youth audience mainly engages with their phones.

Up now is Jay Altschuler from Unilever, explaining the FMCG giant’s approach to mobile as a marketing channel. He’s started by introducing a term that I personally have not come across: Nomophobia – the fear of being without your mobile. According to Wikipedia, it was as coined during a study by the UK Post Office who commissioned research firm YouGov to look at anxieties suffered by mobile phone users.

There’s a great day of presentations lined up, with another to follow tomorrow. We’ll be back with more from the conference later, and we’ll have video interviews with Brooks and Altschuler, outlining their companies’ approach to mobile, in a few days time.

David Murphy