Harris+Hoole Adds One-Tap Digital Payment to App

Harris and HooleTesco-backed coffee shop Harris+Hoole has expanded its app to allow customers to pay for their purchases with one tap on their mobile.

The app was first launched as a loyalty proposition last August, but the update gives users the ability to load prepaid amounts of money onto their account.

Customers will be able to set a my usual order they can place and pay for as they enter the shop, meaning they neednt use their phone or any other kind of payment when they reach the counter. Harris+Hoole has not only invested in the app, but a retrofit of their branches with a new till system designed to facilitate the mobile payment function.

“Weve already had over 100,000 check-ins at our 36 shops since the app launched in August 2013, and were really excited about this next stage.” said Danielle Anderson, director of digital experience at Harris+Hoole. “The mobile payment removes the cold formality of an anonymous transaction and better reflects the kind of friendly exchange youd expect from your local coffee shop.

“For the first time anywhere in the UK, a customer can walk into any H+H shop, order their usual from a barista who knows their name and how they like their coffee, and pay – all from just one tap on the mobile.”