Harvest Snaps launches music-driven branded effect campaign on TikTok

Calbee Americas plant-based snack brand, Harvest Snaps, has launched a music-driven TikTok branded effect, designed for college students throughout the US, starting in the autumn term.

The branded effect, entitled Snap Sounds, can be accessed directly through TikTok or by scanning the QR code on the newly launched Mixed Snack Pack from Harvest Snaps, an offering with six, single-serve bags of veggie snacks in three flavors. The effect, developed by creative agency Cutwater, invites audiences, especially college students, to create their own music via head movements. Each motion triggers one of six beats, many of which are recorded sounds pulled directly from Harvest Snaps’ packaging and products, such as the crunch that happens when you eat the snacks. Beyond solo pieces, the branded effect allows the opportunity for duet content as well.

The work marks several milestones. For Harvest Snaps, it’s the first major activation following its recent rebrand and its first foray into TikTok. For Cutwater, the project comes on the heels of winning the digital creative agency of record title for the plant-based snack.

“This activation presents a unique opportunity for Harvest Snaps to attract and engage with a younger and relevant target audience of Gen Z college students, often looking for tasty and better-for-you snacks to eat while studying or share with their friends,” said Calbee America’s Head of Marketing, Sandra Payer. “We’re thrilled with how Snap Sounds turned out and can’t wait to hear and see what this creative group of consumers comes up with.”

The media strategy includes targeted ads across social channels, as well as influencer partnerships. with @veryveryvinny, @stavemusicofficial, @andy_morris, and more. The campaign will also run in parallel with a nationwide college sampling events program for the Mixed Snack Pack, which will feature limited-time coupons for all Harvest Snaps items at a wide range of major retailers carrying the product line. The Mixed Snack Pack will be sold at Sprouts Farmers Market for a limited time starting in mid-August and direct to consumers on HarvestSnaps.com.

You can see Stave Music’s take on the campaign hereAnd fans can make their own ‘Snap Sounds’ beats on TikTok here.