Have You Got the Nimbuzz?

Nimbuzz has announced the UK launch of its application of the same name, that provides mobile users and online communities with free calls, chat and more. Nimbuzz says it offers an all-in-one solution for free mobile VoIP calling, conference calling, instant messaging, chat and group chat, and photo and file sending across multiple Instant Messaging (IM) communities, including Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, Jabber and ICQ, plus 23 social networks, including Facebook and Myspace.
Once users download the Nimbuzz application for the mobile and register as a new user, contacts from their selected IM communities are aggregated into a single contact list, with icons indicating real-time presence, showing which contacts, from which communities, are online or offline.
Everyone loves Skype (on the PC). But when it comes to the mobile, we believe we offer a better solution, says Nimbuzz Chief Marketing Officer, Tariq Dag Steinberg Khan. Nimbuzz works across all the major communities and on more than 500 handsets worldwide. With this new release, we now also have a genuine free mobile VoIP solution that works on more than 90 handsets including Nokia, Samsung and LG.
The Nimbuzz mobile VoIP application works worldwide on Nokia Symbian Series 60 devices when connected using a 3G or wi-fi network, with a Windows Mobile offering due for release in June. iPhone is not currently supported,but, the company says, is an important product under development. For GPRS/EDGE connections, or when using Java-enabled phones, Nimbuzz also offers its hybrid-VoIP solution, as used by Skype, for making international mobile calls at local dial-in cost, in 50 countries. 
Nimbuzz is free to download and, the company says, easy-to-use, but it adds that data usage is subject to network operator rates when used on the mobile, unless using a flat-rate data plan.
The good news is that mobile data costs are coming down dramatically, says Khan. Flat-rate data plans didnt exist last year in Europe, now theyre everywhere. This makes using Nimbuzz the closest thing to free communication there is. 
On the social networking front, Nimbuzz brings voice and mobile chat to social networks. The new six-button Communicator widget brings free calling, chat, text and voice messaging, and file sending to social networks, email signatures and personal websites or blogs. Theres also a buzz/ feature which alerts friends offline to join users online for a call or chat.
Funded by Mangrove Capital Partners, the original Skype investor, and staffed by award-winning developers and industry experts, Nimbuzz says it is bringing to the mobile and to social networks what Skype pioneered for the PC. Nimbuzz has already attracted more than 500,000 registered users, with 25% active per month, and is generating more than 1 million logins per week, despite the product still being developed.
Our users drive our development, so even with what we think is a great product, it always feels like were in beta, says Khan. The truth is, we wouldnt be innovating fast enough if we werent, adds Tariq. With users from 176 countries, its easy to see why. There is remarkable consumer appetite out there, worldwide, and the industry tailwinds are picking up pace. We are grateful for our pre-launch momentum and look forward to announcing some exciting new products, features and strategic partnerships with key operators and social networks over the summer.
To download Nimbuzz Mobile, click here, or visit m.nimbuzz.com on your mobile. To download Nimbuzz widgets, click here.