Headway Digital Releases MoBrain 2.0 Marketing Platform

mobrainGlobal programmatic media company Headway Digital will release its MoBrain 2.0 mobile marketing platform at next weeks Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, updating its 2014 version of the software with new functionality.

MoBrain 2.0 combines a demand-side platform with a private ad network that aims to connect to direct publishers and a mobile app ranking aggregator designed to help developers gain visibility in app stores.

Since its launch, MoBrain has seen steady growth in terms of publisher and client participation, with strong links in the casual gaming, mCommerce, utility and mobile app sectors. The new version focuses on increased scale, quality and transparency for mobile publishers and advertisers.

Among the new features of MoBrain 2.0 is integration with all the leading third-party tracking platforms, continuous real-time campaign optimisation and post-install event tracking to improve targeting.

“Over the past year, weve experienced accelerated adoption of the MoBrain platform,” said Luis Barrague, VP of mobile & global operations at Headway Digital. “We have over 300 publishers, and more that 300 advertiser clients actively using the platform.

“Weve focused our attention on building out new features, increasing scale and improving transparency for the entire mobile ecosystem. MoBrain 2.0 reflects the growing sophistication of the market.”