Health & fitness websites and apps enjoy more smartphone usage than any other sector

Person smartphone laptop tabletThe health & fitness sector is the sector most dominated by smartphone usage, with mobiles accounting for 82 per cent of the time people spend visiting health & fitness sites and apps.

According to a study by Verto Analytics, of nearly 5,000 UK adults, the next most dominated by smartphones are the people, family & lifestyle at 69 per cent of time spent, and sports at 63 per cent.

Alternatively, the only sector that Verto found to be dominated by tablet usage is property – with 67 per cent of people’s time spent on property sites. Meanwhile, technology – at 84 per cent – and government & law sites – at 83 per cent – are most reliant on PC usage.

“Media owners and advertisers must adapt their offering or behaviour to more accurately reflect how people are most likely to be visiting them,” said Hannu Verkasalo, Verto Analytics CEO. “Is the rush to embrace mobile, for example, right for you? Clearly it is for the likes of health, lifestyle and sports – while property seems absolutely made for tablets – but certainly not for government, law and telecoms sites. People still prefer to use PCs for these as it remains dominant for functional, practical type behaviour.”

The entertainment sector was found to be the least dominated by any one device type. Here, users spend 39 per cent of their time on smartphones, 32 per cent on tablets and 29 per cent on PCs. A similar split was found in both the shopping and books sectors.