HERE, Vodafone and Porsche partner on real-time warning system

HERE Technologies has partnered up with Vodafone and Porsche to improve road safety with the help of 5G-technology and precise, real-time identification and localization of hazardous traffic situations. 

At the Vodafone 5G Mobility Lab in Aldenhoven, the partners are testing the real-time warning system under conditions, similar to everyday situations, for the first time.

The focus is on dangerous situations that are not visible or difficult to see for vehicle drivers, such as when the view is blocked by the traffic ahead.

The Live Sense SDK from HERE Technologies is used alongside HD maps and positioning technology. Integrated into consumer devices with front-facing cameras, this system uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify objects and changes in the behaviour of other road users or road conditions that could lead to hazardous situations.

In the form of dedicated alerts using 5G mobile network technology and an intelligent MQTT message broker, the data can then be transmitted without delay to road users travelling towards the hazard. This means that hazard warnings are delivered to the road user in real time with a latency of less than ten milliseconds. In addition, data that was previously processed within the vehicle will be processed outside the vehicle in the future.

Following the initial tests in Aldenhoven, the companies plan to further optimise the real-time warning system and evaluate its potential in everyday use. Additional tests will be performed at different locations under a variety of conditions.

“Improving road safety is a key focus for us. Location technology combined with 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing enables powerful solutions that make roads safer, providing better mobility experiences for road users,” said Antina Lee from the Product Innovation team at HERE Technologies.