Heura Foods launches Minecraft mini-game series to promote its latest plant-free burger

Plant-based meat start-up, Heura Foods, has taken to Minecraft for the launch of its latest burger. The brand has launched a series of mini-games in Minecraft to announce the burger. Designed to raise awareness about sustainable solutions to the current food system, Heura City is a series of five mini-games that highlight the benefits of plant-based eating in fun, unexpected ways, leading to a labyrinth search where players find the ingredients to create their own high-protein, low-saturated fat plant-based burger from scratch. 

The games were hosted by international gamer Elisa Waves through her Twitch channel. Gamer, plant-based food lover and multidisciplinary artist, she was able to explain the purpose behind each mini-game. “It is extremely rewarding to help build an inclusive, empowered gaming community of Good Rebels, and doing it through Minecraft on Twitch is a great way to reach an even larger community,” she said. “Heura is bringing plant-based options to everyone out there, and as a plant-based gamer, I appreciate not sacrificing taste or health during my day to day.”

Heura’s new Burger is made of pea protein and is rich in iron and vitamin B12. It contains 30 per cent less saturated fat than a traditional burger, and delivers 22 grams of protein to help support muscle growth and help maintain strong bones.

“We wanted to go where the Good Rebels are, and find an exciting way to let people know that there are delicious, healthy and more sustainable options to enjoy your favourite foods,” said Food Activist, CEO, and Heura Co-founder Marc Coloma. “We’re excited to launch our new burger on Minecraft, and create a community, along with gamer Elisa Waves, that is energised to take simple but impactful steps towards a better future.”