Hey chatbot: tell me what my app competitors are doing

The applications of Chat GPT style generative AI keep on coming. Now app analytics specialist App Radar has launched a AI tool that lets marketers get straight answer insights about their own apps and competition.

The company has developed an OpenAI integration which ingests Google Play Store and Apple App Store data and then provides a comprehensive summary of what competitor users are saying about their app experience.

It filters the results by app, country and date range and can also schedule weekly and monthly summaries.

Obviously it does all of this in natural language text.

Grete Ling, Head of Growth at App Radar, said: “This powerful competitor research tool will help app marketers to cut through the noise and make decisions faster. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, we are able to provide businesses with specific insights from thousands of reviews that are publicly available but impossible to be actually used without big data interpretation.

“App marketers can now use the power of AI and App Radar to get instant insights and recommendations for their app. We believe that this tool will help our customers to stay competitive in todays fast-paced and ever-changing app environment.”