High-tech Walkies

Telit Wireless Solutions, which specialises in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, is working with Numaxes Nature and Technologies, which makes a range of collars for pets on a high-tech pet locator.
Numaxes has selected Telits GE864-PY module for its dog positioning system (DPS), an innovative GPS-based pet locator. The DPS solution, which Numaxes has developed in partnership with PODIUM IT, consists of a mobile phone, a GPS Bluetooth module and a pet locator collar, which houses the small DPS box.
The mobile phone and a website enable the dog owner to put the DPS in standby mode and to reactivate it. Thanks to the integrated high sensitivity GPS receiver, the DPS helps pet owners to locate their animal easily, either with the mobile phone or via the website. As well as the exact position of the dog, the DPS shows the distance between the dog and its owner, as well as the direction in which the dog is currently heading. An integrated GeoFence function allows the dog owner to define forbidden or permitted zones. If the dog leaves the permitted zone, an alarm on the mobile phone will inform the dog owner immediately.
The device measures just 71 x 63 x 36 millimetres and weighs only 88 grams. Recharged in three hours, it delivers four hours of uninterrupted GPS tracking, and has a standby time of up to 20 hours. The waterproof and robust device can withstand extreme temperatures.
The DPS is available in three versions. The DPS Light Pack consists of the DPS and a fluorescent collar. The DPS Classic Pack contains the DPS, a fluorescent collar and a mobile phone, Finally, the DPS Tracking Pack additionally includes a GPS Bluetooth module for the dog owner. Each DPS Pack is sold with 100 free map requests, and users can access an international map to locate their pet. The DPS is currently available in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Greece, the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
The Telit GE864-PY GSM/GPRS module is quad-band, which means that the system can be used almost worldwide. Telit says the small external dimensions and high performance of the GE864, in combination with the companys unsurpassed technical support, were key criteria in Numaxes choice of the module. In addition, the GE864-PY offers Numaxes the possibility to run the customer code inside the module.
We have been working with Telit since September 2006, says Numaxes Marketing Manager, Marie-Hlne Gallas. Our business is built on our ability to react to increasing customer demands. Telit enables us to meet this challenge,
From a purely technical perspective, the GE864 is particularly suited for cost-optimised, high-volume applications such as the DPS because of its small external dimensions and weight of just seven grams, the company says. It also features the innovative BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly concept.
We are convinced that M2M technology will increasingly enter the sector of consumer applications, says Telit President, Dominikus Hierl. The innovative DPS emphasises the advantages of M2M for end users. Thus we are very proud to work with Numaxes.