HighNote Launches Free Messaging App

Highnote has launched a free messaging ap for iOs and Android. The app aims to offer a new social experience to users by delivering a customised way to communicate, with maps, music, video, photos, greetings, and personalised formatting.

“At HighNote we’ve recognised the need that has arisen for a new communications medium that captures the simplicity and immediacy of text, but with a far greater degree of message richness designed for a more robust, purposed level of social communication,” says HighNote CEO, Marc Barach.

Key features of HighNote include: creative content, which enables users to include multiple types of media content within one message; customised quick reply buttons that allow the receiver to respond with a single tap using any number of media options; cross platform use; and no ads.

BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows 7 versions of the app will be available soon.